Top 10 Highest Paid Nursing Professions

Guys and welcome back to another episode of the nurse neck. So today we are going to be discussing all about the highest paid profession in nursing. If you guys haven’t already seen my What do nurses actually make video it’s going to be linked on prescription in the prescription.

Y’all know I can speak and the discussion 10 below

if you want to find out how much money nurses actually make. So let’s get into this video I’m going to be counting down from number 10 the 10 Highest Paid nursing profession so 10 is going to be the lower end and number one is the number one highest paying nursing profession out there. So number 10 is nurse researchers. There’s researchers make about 70 to $90,000 a year and what their job basically consists stuff is they usually

work in universities lads, places like that where they do basically research. So they work on journals presentation, all the background information of nursing. It’s not a profession that you hear about a lot because it’s kind of the background of nurse. They put a lot of time into making journal articles and doing studies to figure out what nursing practices work best. Number nine. Next on the list is travel nursing. Travel nurses make about 75,000 to 100,000 grand a year. And this is a very broad subject because travel nurses can work in any kind of field. There can be emergency nurses, ICU travel nurses, mentor travel nurses are travel nurses, basically anything you can think of. There’s a travel nurse position for it. So travel nurses make so much more than regular nurses because they travel so they have to leave their homes or their primary area of residence where they send them real to wherever that is. They pick up assignments in other cities or other states.

Assignments can either be a couple weeks or a couple months. It just depends on what the assignment is. And generally they get paid for their housing, their transportation, sometimes food, there’s a lot of benefits that go into and when you add it all up, they make a pretty good amount of money. Number seven on a list, or nurse midwives,


nurse midwives make about $97,000 a year. nurse midwives assist in deliveries. They follow women throughout their pregnancy, taking care of their health, taking care of the baby’s health as well. This is a great option for women that love working in labor and delivery nurse midwives also do at home births, water births, all of that and they work in sometimes either the hospital they have their own practice or they even work at birthing centers. So they’re kind of a lot of different job opportunities in that field. So number seven is kind of neck and neck with nurse midwife, and it is the mental health nurse practitioner. They make the same around like 97,000 a year and these practices centers work mainly with psychological disorders, mental illnesses, schizophrenia, anxiety, depression, they see all of those patients. So these nurse practitioners can either work in outpatient settings like offices, or they can work in patient in sight facilities or seeing patients with site consult in the hospital. Number six on the list is pediatric nurse practitioners. pediatric nurse practitioners make about 99,000 a year and pediatric nurse practitioners either have like two different roadmaps. Basically.


They can either work outpatient or inpatient, which pretty much that’s with any kind of nursing but they’re usually is a big pay difference in outpatient and inpatient generally, I think impatient gets paid a little bit more than outpatient pediatric nurse practitioners pretty much follow the care of a baby into a child into adolescence is how you remember going to the doctor when you were younger. Getting our yearly checkup children clean


Go see a nurse practitioner depending on the states you can have solely intersects listener or you can have a nurse practitioner who works alongside a doctor. But if you live in one of those states where nurse practitioners are allowed to practice on their own, you could potentially have your child see a nurse practitioner as their primary care provider. And I know it hospital, they work underneath and adopter. They help make orders, prescribed medications follow the child’s care throughout hospitalization. Do you love working with kids like making them feel better? This is probably a great option for you. Number five on the list is pretty similar to pediatric nurse practitioner but this instead is family nurse practitioner. So instead of working with solely children, like the pediatric nurse practitioner does a family nurse practitioner sees anything from baby to like 100 years old so they see the entire spectrum know a few of the practitioners that I work with in the emergency room have family nurse practitioner degrees, so This is a very, very broad degree and you can pretty much almost go anywhere with this degree. This is for people who aren’t a specialized aren’t sure if they want to do one specific thing.

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You can get a kind of boring a general degree and then go from there. Number four on the list that people normally do not think of is nursing professors. So somebody has to teach all these up and coming nurses and that is the purpose of a nursing professor. If you like teaching, if you like mentoring people, students tutoring, this might be the perfect career for you. I know I personally always said that maybe one day and like 50 year I will probably end up teaching our youth of America as a nursing professor. So we’ll see how that goes. If thing about being a professor is if you specialize in one area, or you like one area other than the other, you can teach that class of nursing. So I had teachers that solely specialized in pediatrics and even one that was a pediatric nurse practitioner, so they taught the piece classes so if you know you love an area you can always teach it when one of the pretty cool things about being a nurse and professor is you get to go along with your students to clinical which I think is pretty cool can pass down your knowledge to your students and help builds the future generation of nurses.

A number three on the list is Nikki, nurse practitioners. Nikki is a neonatal ICU and the neonatal ICU is where either premature are really sick babies go when they are born nurse practitioners in this field, manage the babies care alongside a neonatologist. So they plan care, make orders, follow the baby’s care throughout hospitalization, pretty much the same as every other nurse practitioner. But this is an ICU setting, which was why the pay is a little bit greater was also tied for third and second place is the adult gerontology nurse practitioner. They make about $7,000 a year. This is very similar to the family nurse practitioner, but this is leaning more towards the older population.

This is very People who love working with the older population if you’re not interested in kids do not like kids have no desire to her with them. This might be the perfect career for you. And majority of this profession works in like outpatient office settings. So if that is what you are interested in, this is be a perfect for you. And number one on the list which this is probably no surprise is certified registered nurse anesthetist CRN as like about 116 grand a year which is like amazing. So CR nays prepare patients to go under anesthesia they prep the medications they prep the patient they intubate and they watch the patient’s care throughout the surgery or procedure. They work in dentist office outpatient surgery and play some surgery. There are a lot of different fields that you can go into as a CRA becoming a serenade does require at least like one or two years of ICU experience before you

Get into the program so there’s a lot of work that goes into it but they are making bank so that is my top 10 highest paying professions. Thank you guys so much for reading and I’ll see you all next Tips

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