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Hello, welcome back. I’m going to share my 2019 study Guide. I thought since everyone is starting a new semester at school with fresh focus, it would be beneficial to define our city goals for this year. And I just kind of want to bring everyone on the right track to have a productive next 12 months. I spoken about the studying amino app before I can’t find my phone currently, or otherwise, I’ll show you here, but can you see it on the screen. But I’ve had gone there to reconnect with these guys and kind of share my studying and school journey and just like share my story and photos because I love doing those as you might have seen on Instagram. If you search my username, Yusuf, you can find my page and a blog post where you can ask me anything. And I’m going to answer the most interesting cues. Oh, and if you haven’t heard about amino before, they’re a diverse network of communities that unites people with friends that share the same passion like productivity and studying so to check out my q&a and follow my goals on setting amino you can click the link in the description.

Check out the painter to common follow the prompts download the app or you could just search an app store or find me on there with my username so now let’s get into my goals for school

This is usually have charm but I wear sweaters when we’re kind of warm. So yep okay so I think the roles help you guys to kind of more see my perspective phones who are now for the last two months I’ve just gotten a whole new mindset about my priorities and how school needs to rewind my priorities to reach my first goal which is passing school and it’s my last year

I have five months ago. It’s just crazy.

And honestly, I’m just not sure if I see myself passing but I have the courage to just go for it and give my best.

And I definitely wanted to say that I gave my best to that’s going to be my pursuit. And that’s my first goal number two gold kind of goes with that. And this is maybe something more people can relate with. And it’s having a good relationship with studying that just seems not to even make sense because it’s like studying you know, but I feel like if we already spent so much time sitting at a desk, you just kind of take away from your life if it isn’t something you can enjoy or at least just be okay with. That’s one of the things I want to talk about more in the future How can you make study more attractive to yourself and how can you spend your time doing it effectively saving time and just feeling better about it so this can be one of your goals feel good about studying and not hated my goal is just all kind of seem a bit more low key but they’re actually you know, a big deal in my book and it’s to pass all my classes before my

final exams. So I have about three or four classes where I don’t have the passing rates a passing grade. So the grades for us is it goes from one to six and four is passing grade. And in three or four subjects I don’t have a for it can seem so hopeless. But it seems hopeless to me right now, like my math grade and my physics grade. But as I said, I’m not giving up and I’m just going to try and I also just want to share that with you guys. Because even though I may have to study content and all this content on being productive, I suck at school and I just want to be grateful for an opportunity and let’s just make the best out of it. Okay, number four, again, goes with this goal, and it is to get help in those subjects. Let’s just all be self aware and know what we need to happen. And one goal for you guys which is be to ask for help. Just be aware of

What don’t you know and know that your teachers that’s their job to help you. And if teachers don’t have that capacity because their personality or because your mindset make sure that you get help. So that’s what I’m going to be doing. Yeah, I just had to make the camera lighter. But my last study goal is to be present during lessons. And I know that everyone kind of has lessons where it’s more chill and it’s kind of their time to catch up with their friends.

But let’s, let’s use our time efficiently. And the more you get into your brain during assessing the less you need to do after being active during classes is one of my goals. But those are the things that motivate me. And those are the things that I want to put in front of my mind and to be reminded off daily desktop. I’ve written them down and I definitely recommend you guys to write down your goals.

Thank you for reading this study tips of a be talking about who goes out Why does my tummy her I think too much but let’s hope I passed his school year and I’m sending you good as energies. I’m coming to you with a tips very soon I’m going to give you guys live updates and just talk about my life and sing that song. See you soon. Peace out.


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