Study Habits of Highly Effective Students 2019

Study Habits of Highly Effective Students 2019

Hey guys. So I hope you guys have had a really great 2018 I’m so full of a cold somehow I’m finishing 2018 feeling no great, but I wanted to sit down and talk to you guys about some of the study habits or the study goals that I have set for myself for 2019 to this time of year when everyone starts to, you know, reflect on that 2018 set goals, set resolutions, stuff like that for the new year.

So I have set myself some habits and goals for studying specifically, it’s what I really want to achieve. And it’s what I’ve noticed that I could do better or things that I sometimes do, I don’t do all the time and I want to make them a habit because I feel that when I do do them I work more productively or I feel better about the work they’ve done. So I’m sharing these because I thought that you might want to hear that.

I put it on my Instagram and you guys were interested. And obviously if you think that they might be of use to you guys, then you can obviously employ them and try and make them a habit for you as well. I have written them down, I’ve got five and I’ve written them on a not so sticky, sticky note because these things like don’t stick anywhere. Okay, so the first one is to use timers. I’ve noticed that when I say set a timer for like half an hour, 40 minutes or an hour or something, I find that I work more productively in that time. Because I have a bit of a time pressure I can just work without timers and that’s what I do most of the time. However, I do notice quite big difference when I put a timer on because it means that in the hour or half an hour, I have to learn some notes that I’ve set myself to learn and without a timer. I’m like there’s no stop on this so I can just you know, take my time.

Time and I will set the duration as I see kind of fit. So if I’m trying to learn like a few sides of writing or some notes or something like actually learn it and get it my brain, then I’ll set myself a good amount of time like 40 minutes to an hour, especially if I if I haven’t read those notes quite recently, and they’re going to be quite new.

And then when I’m trying to draw something, I’ll shorten the time and see how long it takes me to get through something on to just see how much I can say, regurgitate if I’m doing it without my notes, and like half an hour, 15 minutes, something like that. So it’s a way to maximize productivity and to just really get your brain and gear it’s kind of more like an exam situation and what you’ll have at the end of the year because yes, everything is time pressured, it just kind of gets you used to that and I can just set one on my watch. I used to use my phone which is just as good or you can just use the clock on your laptop, anything at all just that one and when that timer goes off you either

Move on something else. You take some breaks, get something to eat, get something to drink. And yeah, I just think it’s a really great way to stay on schedule as well. And to just be more productive. I like it. I really do like time. Oh, so you. Second one is to take more brief breaks. And it’s not to do studying. I know. But it can really help you to reset your mind to like calm your mind, and then prepare you for the next bit of work that you’re going to do. So I’m someone who can very easily just get sucked into working, working nonstop and not giving myself any breaks. I’m most rushing to get things done. I put a lot of pressure on myself to be productive and get everything that I’ve wanted to do that day complete.

I do often try and fill my day so it’s crammed full and I don’t give myself any space or time to just breathe. As you guys know, if you watch and keep up to date on my channel, I have used some meditation

apps recently and on my watch as well, which is actually turning out to be really useful in many ways. It pings at me all the time throughout the day telling me to take a one minute brief break. And so far since I’ve had the watch, it’s really bad. I’ve done it once. However, I do notice that when I do take a brief break, it allows me to just calm you know, just like settle down, let my brain and illusion neurons are firing rapidly, just like calm down for a bet. And even if it’s just a minute, I do notice a difference because I’m not so uptight about things.

When people do come in and I’m studying I often will just be like in the zone and I can’t be distracted. However, if I actually take a one minute out one minute, 60 seconds. It’s nothing it’s not going to change anything, but it’s just gonna make a huge difference. And yeah, I need to really appreciate that. If I do meditate or I breathe for a set time, just think

Nothing I’m trying to my mind and make such a huge difference. So I need to do it more often. Number three, yeah, this one, okay, it’s gonna be hot. This one really hard it is to reduce the time spent on the screen. And the reason why I say it’s hot is because everything or the majority of things that I do on a screen and I’m ready don’t like that. So I love working and I love the fact I put myself on my end and the stuff I do online, but everything is on a screen. I’m walking on a screen.

If I’m reading something on the screen, editing a video on a screen posting Instagram picture up on a screen. Everything is just digitalized. And I know that my eyesight has really deteriorated since I’ve been at university and that’s because I’ve just been reading so much stuff I’ve been looking at things that are very close up I slightly short sighted so she was like fine things and the distance and far away especially things on the screen there looking

Blood well okay

yeah I don’t wear them very often because I only really need them in like lectures or if I go to the cinema sometimes I wear them even though the screen is huge it’s because it’s a pixelated and it looks at blood to me and if I’m going to see a show something I read last I’m sorry the like blowing and I can’t see everything but yeah, these are like losses.

So I’m really paranoid about my eyesight by don’t actually try and do anything to help it but then I do if I can, because as I said, everything is on a screen. However, I’m kind of thinking like I need to that for just make sure that I alternate between doing something on a screen and doing something that’s not on a screen as much as possible. So sometimes I will find myself hours or even the whole day just on a screen doing something and last time, especially when I was writing my dissertation and just reading papers online, so I’m not going to print them off because then that’s a waste of ink and paper.

I’ve read everything my destination on a string so much reading last time for my dissertation especially and everything was online I felt that sometimes I would just get up when I’m saying going to dance and going out and stopping my eyes would just be so

I don’t know blood could fall forward couldn’t really focus yes it will give you a headache if you’re on a screen for such a long time and I did get some headaches sometimes especially last time yes I like to stay hydrated but sometimes hydration wasn’t a problem

and that’s when I knew I’ve just been on the screen for too long and I also noticed as well my is extremely hot and read the not necessarily hop I just feel that all the blood inside my body has just been sucked to my ears and they go bright red and then I can feel them burning and like posting like a hobby is I in my is it’s so bad and I wasn’t a strange castle for like a list of my arrows. rad. There’s a line here and the rest of me is just like this beautiful pale color.

And yeah, those are my symptoms. And when I get headaches and I my eyes forward and my ears garage and everything’s posting, I know that I’ve been on the screen for too long. And I experienced that too many times last time, especially reducing time spent on the screen is going to be hard. bought my solution or my goal next year especially, is to just, you know, alternate between doing something on a screen and doing something on the screen. Sorry, I’m reading screams I love them or hate them at the same time. Okay, number four is to Yeah, okay. I’ve written Don’t be scared to dive in.

doesn’t make any sense to you, but it does in my head and I’m going to explain it. Okay. So my problem sometimes is that before I say like I’m writing an essay without any notes, or I practice something as if it were an exam like without any notes or without any guidance and help under a certain time limit. I find I put those things on

off until I feel 100% confident in the stuff that I’ve been learning. I’m really bad at that. I put things off until I feel that I am 100% confident and everything that I know, I know that I have enough to write about in an essay or I can answer questions about that. Or I feel as if I just know enough detail before I then test myself will write an essay and I need to take more of a risk sometimes to just you know, like, dive in, jump in do it straight away, even if I don’t know anything fully because that will then highlight to me what I need to go back over and then what I need to work on. So I’m just very good at putting it off and being like, No, I’m not ready yet. When I have experienced especially a university in an exam What does an essay title which I have to write but I don’t know very much about the topic or it’s very big

and pleasure especially those one question which I think

Didn’t revise for at all and I had to write an essay on it. So it’s gonna mimic those situations if I practice it and that will make it so much easier to deal with. If you’re in an exam and you’re faced with that situation you know go for it you know i don’t know everything I’m but like

on the topic, just do it and see what happened. So the last one is too I’ve just realized all my folders like stacked up there and some random stuff just junk in the corner of my room. Yeah, it’s it’s quite specific one this is to plan essays or your essays because that is everything that get examined on this year. It’s essays as you plan them every single bloody time Holly, I am so good applying my day. Tell me to write to do list I will jump on it very happily. Tell me to plan an essay. I’m like, oh, why don’t just dive straight in and get writing you know, more time to write down more stuff when actually

When I plan that goes so much better. Most of the time I’m planning is just in general a very good thing. However, when I’m writing essays, especially in exams, well like mocks I just forget about the plan and just dive straight in and that is bad. You know God holy No, don’t do that holy and I don’t advise it and I am very good at just not planning essays don’t know why.

Why do you know why? It’s because I’m like, I need more time. I need as much time as possible to write as much done as I can. Sometimes that’s that’s going fine. We’ve come to a conclusion and it’s fine without a plan. However, I have had situations where I’ve just, you know, blood on a play a play on the page written down whatever kind of came to mind next. And that for the structure was not great. You know, I have had that and that was last year in an exam. I remember quite vividly that happening. And I remember just writing and I remember finishing

Like what just happened? Like, I was just sick on a page, you know,

that really didn’t make sense that there was nothing I could do because I had to move on to the next essay. Otherwise I’d run out of time. And that was a bad move. You know, you only learn these things when you make the mistake that was an exam. And I could have told you that I did worse than that exam before I my marks came out, and that was 100% accurate. That was my last exam because I knew just didn’t write the plan that went wrong. Um, so yeah, every time holy from now on plan, and you guys plan essays. If you’re writing essays, or even if you’re writing an extended answer something like that planet, please. I don’t do it enough. I need to do it every single time from now on. plan, plan, plan, plan.

plan every time. Okay, you got that now? Yes, I think it’s drilled. That’s five. That’s five of my study habits goals for 2019.

Was it gonna say oh yes me up coming study videos I’m going to be doing I have planned. You see, I plan these things last is I have thoughts about making them kind of famed or where it’s appropriate. I’m going to theme them and I’m going to be answering a question in one study video. For example, I am definitely going to be doing ones where I talk about whether I listen to music or not, when I’m studying one about how I study when I’m out. If you have any specific questions related to studying, please now’s your chance to leave them in the comments down below. And then if you like something someone has suggested that like that comment on the top ones who get priority, see, I’m going to be answering them and I study video so you get me studying and you will also get me answering a question related to studying that some of you guys might all be thinking because we don’t know if we’re all thinking about these things unless somebody writes it down and you guys like that common and we all find out that it’s a big question in the story.

The world also if you take any pictures of yourself studying on notes you know there’s playing bass notes that we all love definitely tag me and hashtag study with Holly be shows data and I can repost some of them the new yeah How did 2018 go too fast I don’t even know 2018 has been it’s not gone it’s 29

Happy New Year to you guys I’m going to say um yeah I will see you in 2019 a house Gary let’s see what happens Be sure to like this video and yeah for new around here you want to join my YouTube little family down please hit the subscribe

This is a thumb join the holly Gabrielle little

squat on YouTube and I’ll speak to you in 2019 sorry Happy New Year to you Oh thank you.

You’ve always been supporting me in 2018. I’m honestly so grateful for you guys and yeah, thank you so much.

See you.


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