JAMB 2019 Registration List of Mistakes to Avoid When Registering

JAMB 2019 Registration List of Mistakes to Avoid When Registering

Hello guys welcome to btw to dress welcome and Happy New Year to you and from btw tutorials we wish you an awesome 2019 hour we believe that this year is going to be the best for you. Okay so happy new year. All right today’s video we’re going to learn about the common mistakes okay so that’s make Dorinda jam registration and how to avoid them okay and if it’s your first time on this channel btw tutorials and educational channel as opposed to that we pray for your watch that’s your wife Nicole GC john pause to me We are here to support you you indication for 2019 so please as this your first time please try to click the subscribe button okay support this ministry to move forward yes I know this is not that is not an entertainment channel is quite slow in growth what please support his ministry. To move forward click the subscribe button share this channel a big my brothers and sisters.


with your friends, family or loved ones I know almost every youth is in school so please people that need this particular purpose or what’s in place for within for exam my practice this can help you this is free resources for you to pass your exams this year here you can see there are 40 questions so one physicists and another 140 question solve or mass for jam there’s around why here why 50 questions so and if you go to the channel that over the seeds once it’s an educational videos introducing mass topics explaining them solving past questions. This channel is here to support you for free women. These videos free of catch all the way from Lagos, Nigeria, my brothers and sisters. Please click the subscribe button. Subscribe. Support us to do more share. Please let us grow. Help this ministry to move forward. Okay, please, I beg you. This is just my heart play for 2099.


need your support guys please share this channel you know if your parents your uncle you don’t maybe you don’t need is share to your siblings or even to another parent that the child is braver for Gina wag as a PDF Virginia way on places the question unsolved and by God’s grace other videos are coming up this year that will support you for in your education please let’s try to click the subscribe button share this video and also if you have any questions comment on this video please try to drop a comment below and I’ll respond to you. Alright so let’s get on to the video to know how we can avoid these mistakes when registering for a champ exams this year. So what are the list of mistakes to avoid when registering for your chance? 2019 Okay, so the first mistake to avoid is accessible to register for you. Okay and so on. Maybe someone that is not maybe your your mom or dad Okay, please.


If you want someone to register for you issued that be your mother or your father, nobody else I your mom or your dad want them also not to give someone someone else’s responsibility to register for you, okay? Now look at anyone’s radar for you to do Gemma’s as notify them people, students registering that don’t go to cyber cafes go to a CVT registered sent that by jam, okay and in my next video on my blog This is the ability to grab the blogs I’m going to post the list of jump ready satisfy them CBC centers where you can go to in Lagos and in all states.


Okay, so please, the first mistake to avoid is accessible to register for you because they can make a lot of mistake mistakes. It is not Yes, so they might not give it like 100% attention or pass.


Okay, so please don’t make that mistake have access to register for you. Now the second thing is inconsistency your name the way you write your names on your certificate from secondary school make sure that name you also use for your job your surname is this your first name is this your middle name is that and make sure you spell out your names correctly. Okay during your dream filling, filling your jump profile and all that things on the jumpers ratio form. Okay, now the topic is using another person’s phone number. Please don’t use anybody else’s phone number apart from yours. Or maybe that of your mom or your dad. Don’t do uncle brother,

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maybe even brother because our product can travel that uncle can travel Okay, and you might see a message and forget that you used his number for yourself.


registration and you will inform you that all he saw a message so please use your mom or your dad or your own phone number for this registration why I keep on hammering your mom on that because they have you had 247 so anything that see there will always inform you okay and also use a number that you can easily retrieve if the phone or the number gets missing all right for pain is using another person’s email address please please please this is a common mistake if our last year so many of them to check their results they were looking for as a matter same address where maybe any email address the cyber cafe they using raised the on the cyber cafe or someone else who’s email address they do the password they do know this or that please use your own email address and it is very easy to get an email address. I will also advise strongly to use a genius


Email, Gmail mailbox, okay. And on my channel I’ve also been going to put the link in the description box a link to the video of how to create a Gmail account. Alright so please make sure you use your own email address is very easy to create a demon in your email account you can use your phone or use a desktop computer make sure also you write down your password, maybe your diary or a journal. All right. And also please try to avoid typing in the wrong address. Make sure you check well that the email address type in juniors Christian is what correct okay if not, you will be receiving mail on any updates on jam 15 is wrong date of bets. Please don’t make mistake in this. Please try to avoid careless mistakes that will cost you re sitting for jam another Yeah, go for it please. So try to write the correct date of this.


If you don’t know that tried to ask your parents for your bed certificates to get the current date of death and also your local government origin okay x your parents clearly of your local government already I make it consistent in your registration Now the 16 is wrong subject combination I’ve done a video on this on the list of jumps object combination you can also check my channel this I’m also going to drop the link for this and it’s also on the computer as blog you can check that for subject combination please a particular course just like a message students you are going for something medical or you are writing mass physics


biology and English no that’s the wrong subject combination the right can we grow right corner subject combination for medical students are going to life science is what your physics, chemistry, biology and your English you don’t need mass it’s only engineering courses that you need much is very compulsory. Okay. You don’t


The bulging in the engineering courses okay so please check the cause of study the school and also check for the subject combination before you go to the gym accredited CVT sent us to register all right please this where people make mistakes and it’s mix them to write another jam okay please try to get the right correct subject combination check my channel on more details of the rights of your combination to use for your course okay and these are the common mistakes that I’ve got that that’s always soon as always make okay and you can easily avoid them by just being very careful in registration of your job this year. Be very careful Don’t rush into it. Remember, don’t use another person’s phone number. Don’t use another person’s email very very important because this is where john will send you updates of your mock exams your results your jam center


Okay, so and I know that this year, you’re going to matriculate okay into that your desire school all right of choice okay so this is all from btw tutorials and don’t forget, please share this video subscribe to our YouTube channel and if you have any comments please feel free to drop below and if you know you if you have maybe some mistakes that maybe you might have made that hot you or any other ones have not mentioned in this video. Please try to drop that in the comments section so others can learn from this. Alright so thank you for staying tuned to dw tutorials you are destined to win and don’t forget jesus christ is coming soon. give your life to Christ by

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