How to Study Well for Exams Without Forgetting

How to Study Well for Exams Without Forgetting

Hey guys welcome to education for you so guys Welcome to the third special class for so already I mean do the special class Hello So our class status is one at least check out Korea our own he to my description box or link to link to the DD Algeria special class will be due to me get a man synonyms discuss career Are you able to a Hey not only for it be diesel exam a special class for example car on a pole Eva Eva any exam June economical English section that people are calling someone a Buddha job so let’s start our yet so on any synonyms include courthouses you for example who the high maximum time so let’s start number one What do we say una de las talking a lot a water meaning Cuba money or seen any money who sat on top of the keys to Manny Medina

The names of the high synonyms to manage can meaning took a cake or taboo taboo job today lot a water meaning to option in the data center fantastic uppity liberal okay so fantastic Manitoba look at Johnny Parliament a fantastic football

team in specificity passively demon manager the

active in attacker that is called passive okay Bessie with demonic to hate better because authority will be selling so he’s not concerned for that certain ping that is called apathy or liberal money to Johnny I’ve sat in so he had a cool tool meaning hobo gelato tomato hub doc so correct answer to both fantastic to G lot means fantastic okay g lot or fantastic It was a meaning which I do the hub okay so very very mechanical switch it was too long

Meaning are all synonyms to more non techies AJ lot money who is a fantastic Coppola hub Hello Pamela to geologically cohorts

next upon a hill exude exuded what to exude man who said these charts okay these chairs

the chairs will get your Abner option yeah see who’s overflow evaporate so I’m gonna overflow man I always say to john a basic a fluke or I to overflow hi Eva wanted to Tucson a evaporate who are like halfway reason why to to get back is to attack a number who’s who’s to a meaning and have all these details girl candy charts Cora so correct answer

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was so exude many chairs are always money off the charts creditors criminal like holy idea diaper say.

separate column that is called lose or exude next number 30s bravery get okay very very good yeah why what do they need option to say truth early lie okay pre very good what to the option is a truth man is any of our Lima Lima to me sir so correct answer to answer about numbers see like okay correct answer will be number see that is lie okay so pre very good money he said Mysa live like origami Samurai to be very good

Next let’s move to number four number four too many water is a delegate okay delegate your option of bananas I need to do is their representative officer servant the representative manager protein at career officer money

Johnny applicator collagen a servant manual Jonny correct it was a servant so delegate what to meaning Kyoko yes correct answer Hawaii indicator is that correct answer will be representative delegates money representative but protein opportunity okay protein in the Dakota like are they called your leader as a minister as a towel look they are called delegates white because they are the representatives of our country our ga Debian now because Mr. De har Amanda Cora Oliver because look at Taco Bell a big corporation hotel key for a delicate foreign delegates cholera veiling the opportunity to God has given almost mutton curry so delegate own meaning representative next number five gone okay got a tool meaning we say gone to war two meanings a lien lien money the money Common Kean diaper mano de que

te Missy nine deeper okay that is called gone so yeah I’m not optioned in that is the way t bone me where the bony are okay let’s see

yeah weighty Borneo fatty so do you do gone too hot water meaningfully lean Holly too keen hi so we didn’t have our fair to know how accurate answer Bonnie Bonnie will be that correct answer

let’s move to next number mC mC means doing job patient okay patient or July to make high so what option your seminar t need that team submissive or both the manual upon our generous submissive money to each other

so see number option turbo correct answer make money

Keep patient patient money to be patient the high to patience patience beers impatience billion dollar per patient or general as a team manager submissive to to a general Buddha so a board will be the correct answer next body Sham Sham a word to meaning key apnea yet the option they say they need that as a fake bars I wrote a don said Robert Robert My name is a powerful fake money Misa so correct answer will be fake effective webinar correct and the Sham means fake fake what to take my name is Sammy Sammy to


I wrote a sharp of the two into a game or top Buddha next word is three and three on what to meaningfully options any data center victory victim of violence height three money upon our joy okay victory or joy you are that is country though so

Victory to number eight to correct answer


next is casual casual money who is the owner a to water meaning to say when I admire Cora praise horrible Leo Butz the new score LBJ so cares all one area here una una


say happen it would admire or it could be some money. Pelle, Pelle Campbell held by a practice or Hey back directly. So that is called casual. So option the asset they needed flattery and knowledge to satisfy it. Okay.


So flattery my new Abner able to add my knowledge man against a bad money full full ways they want to start with T so correct answer. flattery. Yes, flattery will be the same meaning as flattery. Shame. That’s a case although it is same meaning show Carissa so cancel or flattery do it right at my


Cora Cora Cora seduce correct next number 10

is Cordell Cordell Cordell to the written word BSA unpleasant please enter hot okay and please and please enter a hard to do and this and money and on that I have no hi please don’t panic and under die of a heart monitor journey so correct answer please please and okay like I mean br city will do a word to be

basically use like


our Cordell Cordell invitation okay so in your sentence a new squares of record your data positive order though you are meaningful pleasant Coppola and under the archetypal Nexus a bit a bit of option the asset Anita postpone Evan don’t diminish postpone money so I abandon money leaf Cora Evan don’t leave any swag ever done correctly to meaning that diminish money


visa or a bad water commies via was a decrease Curragh. So see number will be the correct answer, diminish, or a bed. Okay, about money diminish grandma J. Next word upon a hill number to be pure IP arrival. What to


juvenile juvenile puree, do they say? mean mean? Correct? Okay.


Let’s number 12. Yeah. So puree or juvenile do the same meaning high. So pure, eligible juvenile? I do that is semi meaning to the option? Yes. Definitely. The mature or immature power, mature money to sunny

day activity. maturity gangrenous. Adele’s Giroux would they be the report report report now immature at all mature why later would be the biggest one I power money

To than a power money not hockey so option number


be when we record a cancer juvenile money immature high purely manual period Alma Nokia immaterial and determine a juvenile it’s like this it’s kind of in immaturity like a whole bunch of gear they are not mature enough though they are in the juvenile stage so that is also known as pure IP address or juvenile a to order


meaning about immature

next is erroneous erroneous polarity need the word the asset confused Darby saw correct arrow

confused, incorrect or digressive the aggressive manner depart confuse my little confused money confused or would you load up on January to meaning to incorrect Terminator Obama by digressive water

Hi cannibal meaning to desert digressive means the part correct okay you gotta hurry para compatible stupor the part

and then a separate to Islam that is called the aggressive

so yeah meaning visible so erroneous means incorrect to correct answer to number be incorrect incorrect incorrect go holy to erroneous belief behind okay incorrect or Arizona’s so next word is co co are Eric go Eric go Eric and Yardeni toward the as a force for meat or waste okay force money ball for work permit money permission to waste money to Johnny about Jana so go cool air acquiring a word to meaning whoa whoa force okay force ballpark Hey to book is same go Eric a two way too many next number 15 is abrupt abrupt the adoption DSS sudden

interrupt corrupt okay so then many hotter

interrupt interrupt common a pony like Mitch Midtown the Rana diaper okay corrupt monitors Danny Danny D So abrupt or meaning of a sudden Bradman Hot Hot. Hot top to bottom too abrupt or suddenly the next 16 numbers taught taught within Italia to what the asset acquire carry on.

Okay So talk to me music cara cara. Okay taught or carry it same meaning correct. Next number is philanthropy, philanthropy de de de una. selfishness, disrespect and charity

selfishness managed to turn a knee jerk ABC grew 30 adaptability to selfishness, I believe we’re passing down about this disrespect money on manga charity money.

Polycom Cora okay then you are a philanthropy what to meaning of it to charity with the same inquiry like mother data psyche they are Missionaries of Charity salicylate Missionaries of Charity is related

to hear my new home they married man who do have and how high quality so charity what to move toward hi Anna hi Kara a book called taboo Jerry the philanthropy same inquiry okay next number 18 is oration so oration era delete option the assembly sense okay operational the asset in jobs and musicians noise sense to manage board corral to know nuisance address address are independent okay so oration address into the same meaning at number will be the correct answer.

dress or a audition like

Dr Monica by Hyundai and Jana Gana con

respected principal respected principles are respected teachers and all my dear students or or my dear friends and we can address so the woman who who needs a boy he has a particular Hollywood ha ha ha ha ha call work me address the aeration or meaning to Hayabusa same next is navigate navigate What to tell me tell me what the options search Cora Massara decide Cora

Cora okay so answerable steer graph navigate corral still Cora like a to basically use una de Borah Mr. Indian Indian Navy as a okay in the Navy like they are they navigate the path they

Then navigate the path Darla Stuckey gonna be sorry really at the photographs data be sorry really geek or a hot topic cottage juicy burger and so like in that sense this word navigate is used to steer her the same meaning steering

next number 19 is arrows arrows What do theater word yes they are they were can abuse or ooh inform arrow arrows a to awaken to arise arrows arrows okay to awaken to same meaning or a week or a prize money to

hire blind or whatever so we can do the same in correct okay so a B start with synonyms are Hello How are you so a B start up until okay at least

basta the style of Mana Mana Tiki Bar Exam will be established by a little cool palette not happy my be seen no quarter acre and he can kill

It would be like include gorilla Hey to monitor how to a former Mr brainy man I’m available capacity nicer a kilogram angle was to monitor keep up I will be Stein good charisma pastor pastor Corey Miller is a really busy time Nigeria exam so be stifled Corey so our next a Kobe standard can anyone be stylish de colo good Kenya burrito our next I mean antonym so Korea and you work a partner at so many important people in the mornings on TV serie de de de de de haber I mean look Carissa so how do you decide help I said really help recipes like a command called was shared with us subscribe I remember a special class both Apple and video Please check guerrilla so thanks for watching the video Have a nice day


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