ICSE 2019-Last minutes study tips!

So Hi guys this is Marcia and you’re reading mastermind. friends. In this lesson we are going to discuss some last minute study tips for board exam 2019. Now, you hardly have 16 to 20 days left for your board exams and if you with the species time, then you’re surely corner board exam is surely gonna be a nightmare for you.

Now, this time when you have to look into the past 10 years good papers and also solve the sample papers.

No friends, just solving the sample paper is not enough. You need to analyze your mistakes and you have to complete solving the sample papers within the time limit or duration is allow for your board exams and friends. You have to keep in mind that now is the right time for you to do self study.

That means you have to prioritize the topic it is Not possible for you now to get into details of each and every topic so study those questions first which are important for your colleagues

and friends one more important thing that you have to keep in mind is that you need to focus more on the subjects which are the gaps for which are very very less in your board exam before I see you merely have two days to go for ICSC board exam you have less than 20 days left so friends now if you leave this patient is which are left in your hand then you are surely corner and friends please do not wait for the gaps that have been provided with me make sense because that was the time that is the time for your research and my view that even religion take a lot of time and friends.

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I would also like to mention about the health effects of the gameyou must be knowing that the government of China has abandoned game because of the harmful effects that it is causing to the people most of the people are getting addicted to this so if you are also victim if you are also playing the game then please install this and please focus in yourself

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