This business is flourishing today in the world because every country is involved in importation and exportation business. For your business to move smoothly at the ports,  you’ll need the services of the clearing and forwarding agents.

This business is a service-oriented that requires dealing with clients, connecting the sender of the goods to the receiver. This business help to reduce the stress of moving your goods from the seaport, airport and other port, serving as a mediator agent between, groups, individuals or company.

Ports For Clearing and Forwarding Business in Nigeria

This could be any airport or seaport which you know. Because of lots of activities in the airport, they may not have ample time to assist their customers to clear and forward their items or goods to the requested destination but the major objective of the business is to affirm safe delivery of freight from the port to its desired destination. Which is why the best location for this business is the seaports.

Clearing And Forwarding Business In Local Airports Nigeria

The local airports to carry out your clearing and forwarding business locally;

  1. Akure Aiport in Akure
  2. International Airport Akwa Ibom, Uyo
  3. Ilorin Airport Ilorin.
  4. Benin Airport in Benin
  5. Magaret Ekpo International Airport in Calabar
  6. International Airport in Maiduguri
  7. Tafawa Balewa Airport in Bauchi
  8. Warri Airport in Warri
  9. Yakubu Gowon Airport in Jos
  10. Yola Airport in Yola
  11. Zaria Airport in Zaria and so on.

Nigerian Airports For International Clearing And Forwarding Business

To clear and forward freights internationally, that is from Nigeria to any other country, here are some international airports you should consider:

  1. Ibiam Akanu International Airport, Enugu
  2. Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Ikeja, Lagos
  1. Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja.
  2. Kano International Airport, Kano
  3. International Airport, Port Harcourt

 Seaports in Nigeria For Clearing and Forwarding Business

If your freights is going through the ports,  the following are available to you to do business with and they are:

Seaport Calabar, Cross River State

Port Complex Apapa, Lagos State

Seaport Delta, Delta State

Tin Can Island Port, Apapa, Lagos State

The SeaPort in Delta: There are ports in Warri, Burutu, Sapele in Delta state. Obviously, these ports take residence at the Southern and South-Western region of Nigeria.

Profitability Of The Business

Majority of the importers and exporters do not understand the processes required in clearing and forward and this makes you an important agent in their business by setting up this kind of business

The benefits of clearing and forwarding business include

  1. Generates more income
  2. An individual becomes hardworking and diligent
  3. You become more knowledgeable about business in your country and beyond.
  4. It gives you an avenue to establish a connection with successful merchants in the country



The shipping of goods business or clearing and forward business as its popularly called in Nigeria is a part of purposeful development in the modern world. There is a need for a huge amount of capital before you can run the business effectively. Though to start up may seem difficult at first but as the business runs, you will get more funds.

Material Requirements For Startup


For transportation of goods and man, you need for a start one vehicle, as this will help to convey the freight from your location to its desired destination anywhere in the world.

Storage Facility:

A storage facility is very important in this business. You need to keep the goods of your clients as sometimes the goods may not be cleared and forwarded in a day. Therefore you will need to keep your client’s freight secured in your storage facility.


You can create a channel of communication between you and your customers in order to have direct communication. This helps to build trust in your business more than any other agents who don’t have any channel of communication. Channels of communication includes a website where clients can view your services and get your business information and contact for direct communication.

Knowledge Required

To be the best in this business, you need adequate knowledge of the business. There are certain standard and clearing and forwarding procedures which you need to be knowledgeable about in Nigeria. There guidelines which you need to be familiarized with and they are provided by the Nigerian Customs Service.

You represent your clients as an agent and if your offer an excellent service, you will get lots of referrals from them, which means more money for you.

Basic Clearing Procedures In Nigeria

To clear your freights, you need to pay customs duty and after that is done, you proceed to the sheds where they the releasing officers issues the effect of the release of your goods. Imported goods are released through the following units namely:

The Custom Investigating Unit


The Police

Standard Organisation of Nigeria (SON)

PM provost marshal

BOMB SQUAD and so on.

Illegal goods will be seized, kindly ensure the goods being exported or imported are legal goods in the country in order to risk going to jail.

Register your business.

In Nigeria, you can register your business with the  Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). Having done that, do the appropriate registration and needed clearance with the Nigeria Customs Service.


You need to recruit reliable staffs either for seaport or airport, they need to be ready and competent to assist in running the business smoothly. You need the following professionals for your business:

  1. Freights forwarder(s)
  2. Motor carrier(s)
  3. Import-Export broker(s)
  4. Freight Monitor(s) and so on.

Management and Sustainability

The structure of the management for the business is planned from the beginning when setting up a business plan to start the business. It is also important to pay staff for their salary when it is due. You should be able to monitor and follow up on the activities of your workers and as the business owner, there is a need for orientation for the staff on how to achieve set goals in their duties. As the owner of your business, you should possess good leadership attributes such as problem solver, effective communication with employees and so on. Furthermore, you must strive through challenging situations and profer solutions to the challenges.


This business has a lot of competition, just stay committed, diligent and show efficiency and effectiveness in your services towards your client’s freight and you will get more referrals for more money.

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