How to Learn Amazing Football Skills

LEARN 50 MATCH SKILLS _ Awesome football skills tutorial

Today we’ve cooked up a video where we teach you know less than 50 wicked football skills and while you might have seen a few of them before you can still use the video as your personal skills Bible that you can pull out before training or match so sit back dealer number one the fake classical facing the defendant you saw him in by pushing the ball forward then you know quick scooping motion dragon away from it’s a bit like the elastic only done with inside of your step

number two the street running with speed you get ready to take on the defendant. And just before reaching in you slow down only to explode away. Again. Lowering the pace for a moment is key because the defendant will sleep the same

Number three, the fake shot. This is what you would call all school move probably the most effective dribble and football set yourself up for a shot and slide to all you have to do now is to not follow through all around the defense.

Step number four is the stop and go running down the line with the defender in your back. You stop the ball with the outside of your foot. Then do a quick body thing and drag the ball with you in the opposite direction. Great, simple and effective move.

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Number five the rollback. Roll the ball back to the side of your body and wait for the defendant to come rushing in. When the timing is right, quickly drag the fall back again and accelerate the way

number six is the outside touch receiving a pass with a defendant chasing you down. This is the perfect skill to send him for a hot dog. Just before touching the ball. There was more money fame tap the ball with the outside of your first in the opposite direction and seventh place is the stop and shop running with the defender on your side.

Do this step on the ball with one foot into a chop with your other it’s a great way to buy yourself some time number eight the zigzag if you’ve got some speeding you This move is even better. T

ake on the defendant and take a shop touch to one side. Now run a bit past the pool so you can top it again outside of your foot in the opposite direction. Thank You for reading

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