How to Improve your Grades with Study Habits

Improve your grades with these study habits- Setting school goals.

Welcome to math and science and day three of our study challenge. Today we’re going to focus on writing down goals. First, a quick story I’ve taught for most of my life, which means I have summers off, I’m married and have three children. So we have all had two months off in the summer.

As summer would approach we would mention, it would be nice if we could do this or that. However, as the summer would come to an end, we would soon realize that we had not gotten around to doing much of what we talked about one summer, my wife said, Everyone go write down two things you want to do this summer.

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We then took the goals of each person and created a master list and put the list on the refrigerator. During the summer we would check the list and then make a plan to get the activity done. We found that we were able to get almost everything done on this master list. This is a short but true story.

And demonstrates how goals help goals give you focus. I would like for you to write down just two goals one goal in study habits for example, I will use my agenda every day or I will start my homework each evening by seven. The key is to write down something that will help you UTME.

the next goal is a school go such as I will make a 90 in math this semester. Try to think of something that will make you proud and isn’t motivating where she do write these goals.

Write them in your agenda, so you can check on them often. I like to write them on sticky notes and put them in my agenda. Remember to check the show notes for more resources.

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