How to Improve Your English Skills in 1 Year! – English Study Planners 2019

Hi everyone. In this article I would like to share with you something that can help you improve your English learning and you can actually do this using English study planners.

So in this article I will explain why you need study planners and what how it can help you improve the way you study and improve your study habits. So this is the page you can read more about the planners but that will explain what they are actually.

So let’s look at let’s look at what they include in what it it’s all about. Okay, so these are planners that can help you improve your English faster and effectively because often students ask how they can improve their grammar, how they can improve their pronunciation and how they can increase their vocabulary.

This is something you can do and everyone can do. But you need to do it the right way. And you need to use something to help you stay motivated to follow your learning process and to see results of learning English. Okay? So these partners will help you identify your weaknesses and you need to also set a goal for 2019.

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So what is something that you want to improve in English and what do you what do you want to to improve and make better so is it fluency or is it the range of vocabulary you use in spoken English you need to identify what your weaknesses are.

So this can be pronunciation or this can be grammar you need to identify what it is or maybe this

Excuse and you need to work on that. And you also need to have a goal so in one of the planners you can do that. So you know and you’re clear about what to do in 2019 and stay focused on your goal.

Okay so another planner will help you decide where and when to study English. So during the day we all have different schedules and different daily routine so depending on that you can decide when is the best time for you to study English when maybe when you’re focused the most so you’re more productive and you make the most of your study in during the day or in the evening. Okay, so um, you also need to revise what you have learned.

So once you learn something Don’t rely on that and don’t just think that you have already learned it.

So you actually need to go back and revise and understand and remember better what you have learned. So you need to also keep a record of your lessons.

For example, if you’re learning English with the teacher, or maybe on your own, you need to have a record of what you’re doing, for example, to follow your progress and to know what your difficulties are so you can focus on that more and there are two planners that will help you set goals for the week but also for a month and


let’s see what else and it’s important that you you should identify define what kind of resources to help you learn English faster or in a more enjoyable way. So some people prefer watching movies, other people may focus on learning grammar more, and they will use grammar books. Or maybe you study English with textbooks.

So you need to be very specific about your learning resources. And one of the planners will help you write down what resources you’re actually using.

And also their planners for vocabulary and pronunciation and of course, spelling, because when you write down something in English, it should be correct and you don’t want to make some mistakes to seem like you don’t you don’t have a very good level of English so you need to focus on spending as

Well if you need English for emails or you write down something on a daily basis, okay so you can see that there are 13 planners and also a guide that will explain how to use each planner and you also get different numbers of pages for each planner and you can print them as many times as you want and you get monthly calendar for 2019.

But it doesn’t mean that you will study with the planners only in 2019. You can continue and you can reuse the planners in 2020 in the years ahead.

So the total number of pages are 215 and you can print them as many times as you need them and also these these planners are delivered to you separately and the price includes vt if you’re in Europe and of course you can get 20% of now you get this percent of if you share it on Facebook this may change in the future and what is payment is very simple you can use you can use PayPal or if you don’t have a PayPal account you can use a debit card for example so this is what the planners are actually about.

Now I’ll show you an example so this is one of the planners English through movies and people are different and we always

Enjoying different types of movies so you can you can watch the types of movies you enjoy the most. And the planner will help you organize new words their meaning and you can run down examples from the movie and as you see this is how you can do it and if you’re using you can actually fill in fill in new words in the PDF file and on the next page you can write down notes with some questions or sentences you have heard in the movie and maybe you can add some more details

and this is one of the planners and let me show you again the page So this is the page

you can get them here and you can use them in 2020 years. Well okay, so I hope this is helpful and I hope you make the most of 2019 and I hope you will improve your English. And that’s all for now.


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