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EASY Changes That Will Improve Your Study Skills

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Hi clicks on this page, you’re probably a hard working student who wants to improve their study skills even further. Or maybe you’re someone who tries really hard or wants to try really hard, but you’re not really seeing that payoff in your numbers. But we’ve come to the right video because today we’re going to go over five ish study techniques to help you improve your study skills. I’m not going to go into the obvious ones, like do a bunch of practice problems. And always pay attention in class and don’t do homework in your bed. You know, make sure your desk is neat and your room is neat. I at least that helps me doing work in a clean environment. I feel a lot less messy.

When I feel less messy. I can be more productive. Write down all your work and make a plan or your notes or whatever works for you. When I say clearly do practice problems, pay attention in class, take notes, do your homework that will make the biggest difference. Honestly,

These are five things that you can do to sharpen your skills even further.

Number one, differentiate your study methods. Now, I’ve always found it really effective, especially in high school to study differently for different subjects. To me, this is a very similar idea to, you know, using different color binders for different subjects, or shooting the same flavor of gum while studying as when you’re taking the actual test.

I think it’s like the same effect. I think it just gets your brain used to different environmental conditions, different sensations when you’re doing a certain activity that allows you to switch between them more quickly and more efficiently. Now, there are an infinite number of study methods and everybody has their favorites. I’m going to quickly go over study methods that I use for different classes, especially when I was in high school. There were many for example, in math.

I always used whiteboards. I loved using whiteboards for math, because you can use different colors to visualize each step not only turns your map into a picture, but also allows you to

You clearly see each step. And you know, the colors make it a little more fun than just doing practice problems over and over again, on pencil on paper, what I would do is in the corner, I would write in small print the date of the test the name of the test, if there was one in beneath it, I would just quickly bullet the content that would be covered on the test. So it was like trig identities or you substitution or integrals or anything like that, I would just quickly bleed on here so I knew exactly what to cover and then I would keep that on there the whole time.

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And then over here, I would do practice problems and practice problems over and over and over again history and social sciences in general government politics, all that I would mostly use quickly or Spanish or foreign language I was vocab I would like do piece of paper and fold it in half I’d have English on one side is finished on the other and I flipped through and check in quiz myself easily for economics I inserted picture right here I would do a bigger view on a whiteboard the day of the test just a few periods before my study hall because that’s just what worked well in my schedule in addition to making

My notes into a study guide or actually my notes already were a study guide. More on that in my how to take notes video and for science if it was like a physics or chemistry or something that and although the practice problems obviously I would do a lot of practice problems to study and look at all the questions and all tests and stuff like that but if it was more just like understanding concepts and memorizing material I would often use study song have a few of those on this channel and also listen to other people’s like ASAP science has some and yeah a lot of other people have some all you have to really do is go to the YouTube search bar and look up the topic and type the word song next to it. Something will come up this is YouTube.

Number two should be obvious, but if it’s not, I’m going to reiterate it. Always ask for help. Always ask for help. Always ask for help. Don’t be ashamed of asking for help. I did it all the time. The smartest people do they’re not ashamed to go to a teacher or go to a professor’s office hours or whatever to seek.

further explanation on a concept that’s totally normal is literally the teacher professors job, you’ll need more than just like a five minute conversation or five minute explanation see if your teacher will stay after school and work with you or if they have study sessions or if there is somewhere you can go to get further review or if they recommend reading certain chapters in your textbook doing practice problems or reviewing for a test and you really you’ve come across something you really don’t understand take some sticky notes and make a little note of it so that when you go and see your teacher professor to ask them about it leader you know exactly what to bring up you know exactly what your question will be.

Number three review easily review mindlessly review without straining your brain. This was one of my favorite tactics in high school because it was just so easy, no effort. Really what I’m talking about is just kind of always having information and knowledge and answers around you turn those mundane transitions of everyday life turn those mundane tasks into an opportunity.


To deeper you to further engage yourself intellectually listen to a podcast. When you’re in the car when that is relevant to what you’re learning or is related to something that you’re interested in, you can play sideshow Crash Course physics girl, very task to be sauce any educational content creators videos while you’re in the shower getting ready in the morning going to bed just having information constantly being read to you and explain to you in the background of your life I think is really helpful You don’t have to be focused in on what they’re saying but just having it there I think kind of shapes your mind to listen more as well as just learn more because you won’t pick up on all the information because you’re not in a situation where that’s your main focus but but you might learn something new or use it as an opportunity to review something that’s on coming test other methods you can employ that fall under this umbrella of number three is reading you can read I encourage you to read articles, books, even Twitter threads on topics that you’re interested about. I think that counts.

You can if you’re studying and you just want to always have the information around you again but physically you can take sticky notes and you can just put concepts and reminders of certain pieces of information all over your room all over your house so that you see them in your everyday life


Number four This one’s a big especially if you’re taking a college or AP class know the format of the exam that you’re taking know how many questions are going to be on it know how much time you have know if you need a pencil or pen know if you can bring a calculator know what kind of calculator you can use know how many sections there are no know if there’s going to be a break in between know it’s multiple choice short answer long essay, short essays and anything like that true false because that way you can practice problems like that you’ll feel so much more comfortable because you will have seen that material that style so much before and my fifth tip is to make it fun. This depending on the type of person you are fun means different things.

Like if you really like just bunker down and just silence desk, nothing but a desk light on just working for six straight hours that works for you go for it. You do you boo. I’m not judging you. But for me, especially when it comes to like math and science. I like to have fun while I do it.

I will listen to music if I’m doing those kinds if I’m doing a problem set, or I’ll watch Netflix really like this because I feel like if you have a good time when you’re doing your work, you all associate positive feelings and positive emotions with that work and it will make you enjoy learning more.

Obviously you can’t do that with all things like if you’re reading I definitely can’t watch Netflix. Well, I read but sometimes I listen to classical music and listen to an audio book. I can find that that helps say, Do whatever you need to do to trick yourself into thinking that homework is fun.

focus focus. espresso beans. help you do were like Adderall accepts just happy and not at all please don’t do trophies don’t do at all. Unless you’re subscribed to you. Please don’t. Please don’t don’t. I have never have never will. You won’t either. But we read on this thing. Yeah, that’s pretty much it. For me.

It all comes down really to preparing yourself ahead of time and making your work and you’re studying colorful and fun. Leave a comment down below about your favorite studies strategy or any one of these that you plan on trying out also let me know other content that you guys would maybe want to see.

Let me know if you guys would be down for like fitness and lifestyle videos because I totally be down to make those that hopefully really fun tips coming out in a few days. So stick around for that. Okay. Again, I’m Hannah and thank you so much for reading. I hope this helps. Bye.


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