Make over N20,000 weekly with this top paying applications in Nigeria this 2020 by simply sharing your referral links to your friends and family members.

I know what some of you are thinking right now, you dont know how to refer people? or you don’t have friends. i was once like you but there’s absolutely no shame in trying to earn money in an honest way.

Even if you feel you don’t have friends you atleast know 10 people in your life.

In listing these applications, we shall also show you what you need to do and how to do it in order for you to achieve the purpose of this post and that is to make money with these top paying referral apps in Nigeria which we shall be sharing with you for free.

Here is a list of recommended Android Applications that pays you for referring people to download and register on the application.


Piggyvest referral bonus is very juicy, 1k per each person referred is really a good deal, one more good thing to it is that the person you referred also get 1k too.

After you have signed up for a piggyvest account,  then the next important thing is ‘how to set up your account’ so that you can receive your N1000 welcome bonus, then start saving/investing and earning from referral bonus, I will work you through this process right away.

  • NOTE: you must sign up with your real name, the phone number linked to your bvn and an email address you have access to.

If you don’t have an account yet, click here to sign up now

1. Once you are able to sign in to your account you’ll see something like this

2.  follow the to-do list

How to redeem your N1000 bonus

Following piggyvest’s policy, every new member get a welcome bonus of N1000 to jump start their savings, but before you can redeem the bonus you must  perform two mandatory tasks.

1. Fund you Flex account.

2. Try to Save or Invest having a minimum of N1,000 in at least 2 of Piggy Vest core savings or investment products (e.g: Piggybank, Safelock, Target Savings or Investify).

To perform this task and have your  N1000 released, you will need to do fund transfer form your local bank to your flex account (Providus bank account number)

Transfer to your Flex Wallet. If you have successfully added you BVN as instructed in the first section,  you should see your PROVIDUS bank account number when you click on FLEX. Copy the account details usually starting with 992…….

Do a fund transfer of minimum of N2020{two thousand and 20naira} (you can withdraw this money immediately so don’t be scared) from  your local bank (Gtbank, First bank, etc) to your PROVIDUS bank account number.

If this is successful,  it should immediately reflect in your piggyflex account, if it doesn’t, don’t panic give it time.

2. Have a minimum of 1,000.00 in at least 2 of Piggy Vest core savings or investment products

To make this simple to understand we will be using two products ‘flex wallet, and target’.

a. After you’ve successfully Funded your piggyvest account;

Click on Total savings account (on the home page)

Click on Targets, then create a personal target. when you’re done with that go back to the homepage

Click on Flex account (your balance should be 2020)

click on  TRANSFER, then send N1000 from your flex to your Target.

After that simply go to the homepage to reedeem your 1000 naira bonus or check your safelock balance

Ensure you follow this steps accordingly,  if its successful you will get an email as your N1000 bonus is created to your piggybank.

Click here to create a PIGGYVEST account

NOTE: you might be thinking all this stress for just 1,000 naira? just imagine if you refer 10 people thats free 10k, and the best is that both you and the person you referred get 1000k each so it’s a win win


so carbon basically is a loan app that pay you N500 when you refer someone and that person collects a loan and pays, the loan amount varies from N1000 and above. so you can just paste your referral link on your social media accounts (facebook, twitter, instagram or whatsapp) and just keep earning even while you sleep, no stress!!!

Click here to download carbon


Branch is really interesting they use to give N1500 for every person you refer but unfortunately they recently changed it to N500. Here’s how simple it is. Tell someone – anyone – about Branch app, if they take a loan using your referral code and pay back, you automatically get a N500 bonus which will be used to pay off your own loan. Even more amazing, they will also get N500!

Click here to download branch



For a start, you earn NGN250 for every successful referral you make. Those you refer also receive the same amount. Your earnings are paid into your wallet every month. A referral is successful after the person you refer has made their first deposit. After that, you both earn bonuses. Trust me, it’s totally worth it.

Click here to download cowrywise



Chipper is very easy to use. You can use Chipper to send and receive money to and from anyone in our coverage area for free. We do not charge any fees at all and there is no minimum amount so you can send any amount. To add money to your Chipper wallet, you can “Cash In” by adding money from your mobile money account in to your Chipper wallet. When you try to add cash from your mobile money account, you will receive a prompt on your phone to approve the request. Once you approve this prompt, Chipper will transfer the money from your Mobile Money account to your Chipper wallet. Once the money is in your Chipper wallet, you can send it to anyone at absolutely no charge. You can also move money from your Chipper wallet back to your mobile money account. To do this, simply enter the amount you wish to “Cash out” and tap the Cash Out button in the Chipper app. The money will be sent directly to your mobile money account instantly.  get started


Step 1: Go to the “Earn” tab in your app
Step 2: Generate your invite link and by selecting “Share Link – Earn Money”. You can then distribute the link to users who are not on Chipper
Step 3: The referred user must create a Chipper account using a phone number and not an email address
Step 4: The referred user must get their account verified by submitting their relevant ID documentation
Step 5: The referred user must send a minimum amount of ( NGN 250 /which you’ll get back) to any other Chipper user  (now this step is kinda tricky because you have to send 250 to another user, this is where i step in, you can transfer 250 to my account @joymila or 9930242670 Providus bank and message me on whatsapp @08161142786. i;m always willing to help. and i’m definately not going to steal your money)

Step 6: The referred use will receive the bonus amount (  NGN 250) in their Chipper wallet automatically 24 hours after all all the above conditions have been met                                                                                                                               

Step 7: The person that made the referral will receive the bonus amount (NGN 375 ) in their Chipper wallet automatically 24 hours after all all the above conditions have been met.

Click here to download chippercash

Please be rest assured that all these apps have been tested and trusted by me personally, you can also check online to confirm. drop a comment below if you have any you might want to add.

Reach us on whatsapp @ 08161142786