How Can I be a Rocket Scientist?

Matter what type of circumstances that you have been raised in, or have experienced, you always have the ability to find a way out and create success for yourself. And I had to do that in my own life and see all the college students go towards the campus. And I thought to myself, where are they going, what are they doing, why they look different than the rest of people there in the group and and that always kept in the back of my head.

And our mother said, Whatever you do, in order to change your circumstance, you’re gonna have to get an education and so I kept them in the back of my head. I no matter what, I had to educate myself, I had to get a degree at the people that I saw going to the school down the street, that’s something I could do.

And I had that vision I would go to this school that was like in a predominantly well off area, and everyone had books and and paper and really nice shoes. I remember looking at this thinking, Oh, I don’t have any of that and every time I would come back into My neighborhood I would see the graffiti and I’d see the the trash and I thought to myself, what makes a difference? Why are there people here in this situation versus here in this situation, and every single day I’ll come back and it came down to this.


It was the thinking how we think how we look at situations whether or not we see ourselves doing well and being successful or versus if we see ourselves as a not successful person in an environment are thinking defines our life and when we can take hold of our thought and see it for what it is and change it and transform it and change it to convert it into an energy that Alicia’s a brain power that allows us to change a situation that my friend is how we change our lives. And that’s how we change everyone else.

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What happened was I was failing Algebra I fell down for I failed geometry. I failed calculus and chemistry. And there was this calculus teacher that said, All right, I’m going to offer calculus tutoring for anyone who’s willing to come to the campus during the winter break. And I thought everyone was going to show up. There was only myself and I thought to myself, this is such a blessing. And I sat there and I picked his brain.

I’m like, how do we look? What does an integral mean? What does the the tangent mean? What does the instantaneous rate mean? And these are all words for derivative and calculus, and I got just a sit down with them. And that was the first time ever that I realized I was smart. And when I sat with them, it was amazing because I realized what was stopping me was my own fear. It wasn’t it wasn’t anything with my educational aspect.

It was me thinking I could do well in mathematics. And when I learned to remove that fear and think I’m going to do this, no matter what’s going to happen, I may fail. It may not fail it. I’m going to do well at this. And I’m going to just to see where it goes, I’m going to put my all into it and find out and I put my own to fail. But it is something inside of me shifted. I realized failing wasn’t that bad. If I can, if I can, like spend more with more time that I can actually do really well of this. And that was the shift in thinking I’m like, All right, I’m just going to spend some more time and I’m going to actually get this when I overcome my own fear. It was when I was working with someone else and recognizing that the person next to me was the exact mirror of myself. And if I could help that person right next to me. I was hoping myself at the same time and it became this teamwork.

Every single person on my campus need it mathematics. And so I got chance to know everybody on campus McCain one the most popular people because everyone needed mathematics and that confidence that was built from taking something that I failed that before and shifting my thinking about and bracing it to actually create a new reality for myself.

That’s what empower me and that’s to graduate top of my class, which later on open up the door through a series of events, I learned the power that we have in our brain when I overcame so many challenges. When I was launching rockets, of being a woman in in being a one a person of color in a predominantly area that was different than myself.


I had to I had to think differently. I had to think All right, I’m gonna stand out everything that I do is going to have to be twice as good. That’s just the nature of it.

I had to change the way in which I was thinking in order to do that, how am I going to be such a contributing force to this environment that whenever I leave, I’ve made a difference. And when I realized that, and then when I coupled that with the aspect of mathematics, where the same type of math that we use to launch to Mars, the same type of math that we use to literally reshape our own brain, I realized the power of our thoughts when we are aware of where we are, what we’re doing, and more importantly, the decision that we have in front of us the choice in our thought in a situation whatever decision that we make in that full awareness.

That decision itself is a fractal moment in chaos that literally changes the brain at that very moment to restructure it inside of your head so you can unleash your power.


When you look at how are my thoughts going to align with where I want to go and you decide that moment in time where you decide this is a thought that’s going to get me to being a rocket scientists, this is a thought that’s going to get me to be a doctor.

This is not to get me to be a host of my own show I’m whatever it takes I’m going to have all the type of thoughts that’s going to get me closer to where I want to go in the future. When we realize that we have a choice and how we think about things where we have a choice, are we going to be scared about something? Are we going to go forward no matter what’s going to happen.

That is when we unleash this power to you when you are expected to succeed by your mentors or parents or teachers when there is an experimentation on your life to do well.

At an early age you adopted, you address it, you adhere to it, you create it. But if you are never given that opportunity to know what you are capable of doing, if you are never given that, that word, that encouragement This is to know what you can be good at mathematics.

Even though you failed algebra and geometry and calculus, the chemistry which I did, you can actually do well mathematics at if if there’s not someone showing you your worth, when you can’t see it, you will forever be looking in the mirror thinking that you’re not worth what you are when you see exactly what you don’t want.

If you can take the exact opposite of that. That’s how you find out what you do. For example, when we launched rockets, we knew Okay, we didn’t want there to be an explosion out the jacket which was like the side of the rocket, but we wanted the explosion to go down. So we thought, Okay, what is the worst case scenario?

The worst case scenario is okay there will be a kind of tired flames going out where we don’t want to go something like how can we prevent that? How can we focus on where we do want it to go where’s the ideal part for it to go and the ideal part is for the the all the flames to go down the tubes and go through and create a clue.

So what we had to do in that aspect is literally envision exactly what we didn’t want and figure out the chain of events that could possibly get us there to what we don’t want and then go backwards.

The beauty about working in rocket science is that I had the ability to observe genius brands and realize that any of us can gain a genius brain no matter what age we’re at it doesn’t matter forget it what anyone’s ever told you you can gain a smart brain at any age every decision that you make reshapes your brain More powerful the you are in making decision after decision after decision that will power for your brain. Because that makes you really careful about what decisions you make. Like are you super aware when you’re making decisions I’ve learned to become aware to see, all right, this is where I want to go, how is this decision going to help me get there, it’s always keeping that in the back of their head, like, this is where I’m going to go. And I’d made the decision very early in life that no matter where I was, I was going to change it. I was going to change it. So I would leave my mark to be able to help in a very powerful way. So people after I leave would be able to make their own mark and in building in a way in which was going to be very powerful for their life.


If you’re a person in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, that Lord stem going to do it. There’s such a overwhelming need for you. You have the ability to see the big picture.

You have the ability not only to do the mathematics, but you have the ability to see a big picture and user communication skills in order for people to see how important concepts are. So that is the gift that you bring if you have the opportunity to go into that. Do it.

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