How to study in medical school

Maybe I could do an interview.

The other question I get asked is how to study my best My best advice I can give you study? As if number one, you are going to teach what you’re reading. So if you’re reading a material on diverticulitis, you should be able to stop what you’re reading and explain to somebody with enough detail a layman terms or whatever, so they understand what you’re talking about. Think about what a family member with the disorder would like to know about it.

So if you thought, Oh, I don’t have to know that but you think to yourself is a family member? is a patient going to ask me about this then you should know you should learn it and then to be able to paraphrase it and to go through it and talk about it then you know, you know

The material well now Same thing with pharmacology or anatomy you think yourself oh I don’t need to know this neuronal need to know I will think about somebody with an injury to the arm would you need to know that branch of the nerve would you need to know what that Dermot Thomas what the sensation applies to wear that Dermot tone changes where the the big nerves are big orders so you know where to inject, not to inject think about a doubt way and then you have a reason to learn what you’re learning and you’ll probably get it right.

The second thing I would say is, is kind of what I already mentioned is to learn it like your family member has a medical disorder of that what you’re learning or your family member is taking that medication and wants to some questions answered or like your family member has that genetic mutation of that disorder and you really want to be able to explain what’s going on and if you can study that way then you’ll

Really do very well and most of all I’m gonna say this a lot during the series is enjoy what you’re studying this is what you went through high school and do great went to college to the essay you know the essay tease you 2pm cats you went through interviews and now finally your medical school you get to learn what you want to practice for the rest of your life hopefully so enjoy your study and you’ll learn plenty

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dispenser you got this all wrong because some veneer some conditioning is lifted you start realizing that the way you think life is isn’t that way.

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