5 Study Hacks Every Student Should Know

Study Hacks Every Student Should Know

In this article, I’m going to tell you about five simple hacks and tips to master your study pattern and study mythology so that you can memorize the best retain the information the best and remember what you have studied and it becomes a part and parcel of life.

These are very simple and applicable methods that you can apply as
soon as the first half the first hack is the time that you choose to study when somebody chooses the time between 6am to four students research says that your brain at that point functions hundred percent and the one who chooses a time between 6am to 7:30am their brains
Difference between 50 to 60%. And whereas students who study at night their brain functions during night around 20%, 20 to 30%. Now bus, choosing of the time can also be a very important factor. But here when I’m talking about the time and choosing of the time you’re it matters that are you a student who’s actually taking proper sound sleep at night for around six to eight hours before waking up at four in the morning.

Only then this point or hack is applicable. Now there is another hack to it, which is going to help you you know, improvise in your retention power if you’re starting at 6am to 4am or 6am to 7:30pm or even at night if you study for a duration of minutes and take a gap of 10 minutes in between.

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It is proven, proven research says that retention is more seen in these type of students. Now students this was Hack number one.
Number two, it’s very simple and most of you will love it. You have to eat grapes and chocolates. While you’re starting. Now you must be wondering what is grapes and chocolates.

Doing in between the hacks of study groups is a fruit which enhances the ability of the brain to process the information faster. Whereas chocolate actually enhances the brain ability which can retain information more so these to play a vital role. If you are studying and you’re munching or eating this is something.

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